Premium food manufacturing fig ingredients.


At San Joaquin Figs, we offer premium food manufacturing fig ingredients. We have an established tradition of delivering the best in quality to our customers.

We have a full line of Nutra Fig brand food manufacturing fig products. We offer Fig Paste, Fig Concentrate and Diced Figs. All of our products are available as natural and free from preservatives or certified organic. We strive to offer best-in-industry on flavor, quality and food safety. Our Industrial products are all grown and processed in California.

We take pride in consistently producing high quality dried fig ingredients for our industrial customers.Our tenure in the industry has given us the time to develop expertise and understanding in what it takes to make dried fig ingredients work for our customers.

We begin with detailed incoming testing which surpasses industry standards. We test, sort and classify our incoming products carefully to ensure the raw materials are utilized in the proper product. Throughout our process we inspect and test our products to ensure they meet specification.

Part of the process of ordering ingredients is ensuring the product will work in your application. We at San Joaquin Figs understand that and we work with you, our customer, to find the right product we offer or to create a custom product if needed.

Fig Paste

Fig paste is our highest selling item and is available in 40 lb and 80 lb fiber cases. Fig paste is created by washing figs, blending varieties to meet flavor and color requirements, and grinding the product through a 7/64” grinder plate and smaller. We are able to formulate our product in custom specifications to meet your needs because we know no two customers are the same. We also have specialized equipment to create seedless fig paste - paste that has been crushed after it has been ground to achieve a finer mill with less crunch from the seeds.

Fig paste has been traditionally used in fig cookies, energy and health food bars, as well as spreads, sauces, jams and fruit fillings. It can provide a natural sweetness, pleasing mouth feel, and adds fiber and calcium to your manufactured item.

Contact us for a spec sheet or to ask questions about what kind of fig paste is right for you.

Fig Concentrate

We have fig concentrate available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Fig concentrate is created by taking the sweetest varieties of dried figs, infusing them with water, removing the insoluble fibers, and evaporating the solution down to 70 brix.

Fig concentrate has been used as a flowable sweetener, to make sauces, to flavor tobacco and as a humectant in baked goods. Fig concentrate has a powerful molasses flavor with a hint of spice at the end. Contact us to find out which fig concentrate can work in your application.

Diced & Sliced Figs

Diced or sliced figs are available in conventional and organic forms and can be coated with dextrose or a gluten free rice flour. They are available in a ⅜ inch dice or ⅜ inch slice. Available in 30lb cases. 31.5lbs shipping weight, 60 cases per pallet.

Contact us about your fig ingreditent needs.

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